Hello, I am Larry Adams, the person who will be doing your typesetting work. I am a pianist and an orchestrator, and have written and arranged music for many settings including television commercials, solo and group albums and recordings, numerous musicals, and hundreds of orchestrations. I have recorded in 5 different languages and several countries including Brazil, Japan, Canada, and of course the USA.

For a free sample, send me your project and I will typeset the first page for free.


If you would like a free estimate of costs for your project, please email me at the address below with a description of your project and a copy of your rough draft. I will get back to you with an estimate within 24 hours.



Your handwritten manuscripts can be transformed into beautiful professional looking typeset. We provide you with excellence in music typesetting using the premiere music software "Finale". Your finished copy can be emailed to you in digital form, or a hard copy can be mailed to you. 

We have experience in all kinds of compositions, from piano and instrumental compositions, musicals, to symphonies and orchestrations. 

We guarantee your complete satisfaction. We will work on your composition until it is perfect in your eyes.

Our music typesetting services including: transcription, typesetting of original compositions, orchestration, copying, music arranging and transposition. 

We work primarily from your hand written manuscripts. Please send copies of manuscripts, not originals. We can also work from your recordings if necessary. 

The music that you send us will be typeset exactly as we see it - what you send is what you get back. We will not do any arranging, changing or make any editorial additions or corrections unless you ask us to. 

Your manuscripts can be transformed into a clean typeset copy that looks and reads just the way you want it.


Our mailing address is 2962 Vincent Rd. | Silver Lake, OH 44224

Phone: 330-701-5622
Email us at ladams@dovecds.com

Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST

How To Order

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